The mission of the Avant-Garde Network is to advocate for diversity and inclusion for professionals of color. The Avant-Garde Network also encourages the development of personal and professional relationships while promoting community service, civic engagement and wealth creation through career advancement, education sessions and entrepreneurship.



Diversity and Inclusion - We seek to promote professionals of color by advocating for representation and access to opportunities for promotion and advancement. We also teach, consult and advise organizations with diversity and inclusion training. 

Civic Engagement - We seek to create positive change within our neighborhoods and community by engaging in individual and collective action with the intention of identifying and addressing issues of public concern.

Community Service - As role models to the next generation, we seek to encourage the involvement professionals within our communities in order to inspire and encourage the next generation of leaders.

Economic Empowerment - We seek to assist professionals in career development, as well as supporting the businesses of others within the network.



The vision of the Avant-Garde Network is to empower and support the next generation of well-rounded professionals in order to create positive change within our communities. The Avant-Garde Network focuses on creating opportunities for professionals to engage with one another to create business opportunities by investing in each other's professional development.





Adeola Adejobi, Esq.
Founder, Avant-Garde Network

Adeola Adejobi is an attorney, entrepreneur and speaker. Adeola started her career at a nationally recognized firm practicing commercial litigation. In 2011, she launched the Avant-Garde Network. The mission of the Avant-Garde Network is to promote diversity and inclusion through networking, recruiting, career development, training, panels, partnerships and events. More importantly she organically grew the organization to engage over 3,000 members by creating a collaborative ecosystem for professionals of color.

Adeola understands that meeting the career aspirations of professionals of color requires more than just the standard engagement. She is also committed to highlighting areas that need diversity. Knowing this, she created initiatives such as Africa 2030, Law Tech and Innovation, and the Dealmakers Roundtable, just to name a few. These events and discussions provide specific insight and information on sectors and industries. Her passion for community engagement has also led her to lead several millennial political engagement events.

In 2017, she launched Avant-Garde Network's Women's Empowerment Collective (WEC). WEC’s purpose is to foster business and career development opportunities for women. The WEC helps women to grow professionally and personally, by working to break down the barriers that Black women face in the corporate world through fostering fellowship, development, support and building necessary skills to advance to the next level of leadership.

After obtaining her degree in Political Science with a minor in Comparative Women’s Studies from Spelman College, she started her career in the Public Service and Diversity Department at the law firm of Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP. Adeola went on to obtain her law degree from Cornell Law School with a specialization in International Legal Affairs.