D-Cubed: Diversity, Dollars and Disruption™ Black Tech Meetup

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What People are saying about AGN's SXSW Event:

Adeola is a talented connector. The Avant-Garde Network is the largest network of diverse professionals in NYC with a cross section of professionals in law, finance, public service, media, and technology. The Avant-Garde Network approaches each of their events through a thoughtful lens. Technology is the fastest growing sector of our economy with its impact ranging from finance to healthcare. Avant-Garde’s discussion of how we can increase diversity and equal opportunity in technology is much needed at this time.
— S. Gordon
Avant-Garde Network is an incredible organization and I have had the privilege of attending several networking events and panel discussions. Their dedication to bridging the diversity gap in technology and government is both enlightening and practical.
— A. Sada
The Avant Garde Network is a unique and influential organization that serves a connector on bridging the gap for young professionals. I’ve attended various events and was amazed by the consistent quality of human capital that AGN attracts to their events.
— R. Salas
Without a doubt this is a must have at SXSW- innovative, timely and cutting edge. Adeola and her team have created something truly groundbreaking with the AGN. Highly recommend!
— S. Safo
Adeola and the Avante Garde network have continued to attract professionals by producing unique experiences to help facilitate discussions, make connections, and develop a much needed pipeline of diverse talent. This event is timely and speaks to how tech companies should be framing the issue of diversity in the tech space. This is a must have for this year’s SXSW!
— H. Greenidge
SXSW’s addition of the Avant-Garde Network’s D-Cubed event is a great, timely, must have idea! Not to mention, the event’s sharp attention to increasing diversity in tech is aligned with SXSW’s mission to empowering creative people achieve their goals. I would love to see more conferences/festivals make a concerted effort to tailor their events to reflect underserved markets in America.
— B.Colan
As a tech professional, I can attest firsthand to the lack of diversity in this industry. I am grateful that Avante Garde sees this imbalance as well and is making strides to narrow this gap through their networking initiatives. Kudos!!
— Erica H.
This would be a great selection! As we watch the discourse taking place around the country, the importance of diversity has never been more evident. People of color need a voice at the table and as tech becomes an even more important driver of social and economic mobility, we cannot afford to be shut out. This meetup is essential to advancing this cause!
— N.Vernon
This is a phenomenal and innovative idea that merges companies with diverse talent within an industry that has a lack in obtaining underrepresented populations. This program is necessary for the tech industry to go to greater heights. Avant-Garde is bringing this conversation not only from the perspective of millennials, but from the viewpoint of many young professionals that are tech-savvy and interested in making the tech industry better for all.
— Jamal S.