AFRICA 2030 - Panel Series

Leading experts provide young professionals with insight into different industries and its contribution in Africa to promote economic growth and encourage greater investment, infrastructure and commitment to Africa. 

Coming soon... 2017 Private Equity


Banking in Africa: Dynamics of Financial Services

Africa 2030: Music - Africa Next Big Export

Africa 2030: Akon Lighting Africa

Africa 2030: An Enterprise-Led Future

Private Equity and Infrastructure in Africa

Opportunities for Leadership in Africa

Nigerian Professionals Networking Mixer

Economic Empowerment Series

The Avant-Garde Network is pleased to announce the launch of our economic empowerment series! These sessions are led by experts that provide information on various topics such as financial strategies, investment options, vehicles, tools and more.

Our first session within this series is about Collaborative Investing on Monday, April 24, 2017. Upcoming sessions include:

Collaborative Investing
Commercial Lending
Asset Management
Deal Structuring
Mortgage Loans
Venture Capital
Line of Credit
and more