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“We really appreciate [Adeola] and Avant-Garde for doing this and bringing members of the diverse community into Cornell Tech. As many of you know, the tech community right now is suffering from a lack of diversity particularly in Silicon Valley. We are trying to figure out how you get more people of color in tech. I would say that in New York City, we’re doing a much better job at that. With groups like Avant-Garde taking leadership and making sure we have representation is really huge. It is a huge benefit to us at Cornell tech.”
— Aaron Holiday, Cornell Tech
“Avant-Garde Network has been an invaluable resource connecting us to a diverse talent pool. They have the unique ability to connect with diverse professionals in a manner that is authentic and differentiated. Their previous event helped us identify and many candidates and we hope to partner with them in the future.”
— Stew Cornelius, Twitter BlackBirds Lead
Thanks to our outreach with Avant-Garde Network, we interviewed and selected several candidates referred by the network, for The 2017 Real Estate Associate Program(REAP), the commercial real estate industry’s largest diversity initiative. With AGN’s ongoing mission to help recruit black talent, we hope to continue working with Adeola and her team in creating a successful partnership.
— Osayamen Bartholomew, REAP Associate Program Director
Avant-Garde Network is a uniquely positioned group of ultra-smart, dedicated professionals that are committed to growth and development for self and community. There’s only upside when partnering with the Avant-Garde Network. I especially appreciate their true commitment to civic engagement, community service, and economic empowerment for communities of color. The Avant-Garde Network not only talks the talk, they walk the walk.
— Bianca Taylor-Starobin, Cornell Tech
The Avant-Garde Network experience has been very fruitful for my startup. Being able to tap into their network and share my craft and experiences in the software development niche has far exceeded my expectations. The unity, positive energy, eagerness to succeed, information sharing and diversity displayed by members has been truly amazing. I feel lucky to be part of this entity and plan on attending many many more of their events!
— Kwame Andah, Co-Founder Coders4Africa and CEO, KreativeWaves
Avant-Garde Network brings together professionals and networks who often would not meet or talk into fun, innovative spaces. The work of this group is simply amazing. I have been able to reconnect with old friends at one of their mixers while exchanging contact info with new business partners.
— Nicholas Richards, ROHO
Avant-Garde Network provides great opportunities, networking events, and social functions that many of us would not experience otherwise. When I first moved to NYC, I attended an event, and I met many other black attorneys who became the base of my network still today.
— Vallery L.
I had a great time on the Avante-Garde Network’s Gentrification and Affordable Housing Panel. It was great to be on such a well composed panel of community and business leaders. Also, the thoughtful and engaging questions and comments from the audience brought the entire program together. Thank you again for inviting me to participate. I look forward to the next panel.
— Kendrick Harris, Esq, Harris Law Group
“Kudos to Avant-Garde Network, this was a wonderful event . Thank you to Ms. Adeola for doing a fabulous job facilitating this event. I am spreading the word about The Avant Garde Network to every young professional of color to support you . God Bless!”
— -Lisa Hardaway
“The Leading New York panel was insightful and well moderated. I was very satisfied with the information received regarding government jobs. It was refreshing to see three women (moderator included) leading major government roles.”
— -O.A
“Very professional, informative [event], the attendees were very knowledgeable. I’m definitely going on the website to research jobs!”
“Really helpful and well organized. It was very informative. Glad I attended.”
“The event was well executed and the questions were very direct. Overall pretty informative.”

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